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Meet Dr. Hayden Fuller

Dr. Fuller was born and raised in Oklahoma City and incorporates periodontal surgery into the practice. As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Fuller improves the look of her patient’s’ smiles while also caring for their oral health.

About Dr. Fuller

Dr. Fuller comes from a family of healthcare professionals (her dad is an anesthesiologist and her mom is a retired pharmacist), which sparked an interest in similar fields from an early age. When she was a child, Dr. Fuller needed a lot of dental work and was very anxious about visiting the dentist. However, the compassionate care she received inspired her to explore the profession herself. Dr. Fuller was further motivated to become a periodontist because it combines create, surgical, and social aspects in one job. From her own experience, Dr. Fuller knows that dental and surgical treatments are very personal, and she finds that creating relationships with her patients, making them feel comfortable, and improving their oral health is very rewarding.

Together, oral surgeons Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson partner with Dr. Fuller to create a fused office model between the two dental specialties. This approach provides a more streamlined experience for patients by having two oral surgeons and a periodontist all under one roof. 

Dr. Fuller’s favorite procedure is guided bone regeneration (GBR), which creates new bones in areas where it may have been lost. This allows more patients to become candidates for dental implants. She also loves the process of placing dental implants and performing soft tissue grafting so that her patients have the very best functional and aesthetic outcomes. Her favorite feeling is calming a nervous patient before surgery because she has been in that position and knows how important it is to feel comfortable and at ease.

Education and Residency

Dr. Fuller went to Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City for school and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas Christian University. After earning her DDS at OU College of Dentistry, Dr. Fuller completed a 3-year residency and a master’s degree in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at OU College of Dentistry. During this time, Dr. Fuller gained hands-on training in implant surgery, bone grafting, sinus elevation, and aesthetic gum grafting while interacting with a vast number of patients who required different periodontal care. In addition, Dr. Fuller’s training allows her to provide both IV and oral sedation for patients who experience dental anxiety.

Dr. Fuller is board-certified by the American Board of Periodontology (ABP), a national organization that recognizes periodontists with in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the full scope of periodontology.

Dr. Fuller is an active member of the following groups:

Hobbies and Interests

When she’s not at work, Dr. Fuller enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She has a deep appreciation for the arts and music, specifically classical ballet and piano. Her favorite activities are spending time outdoors with her family, listening to podcasts, and doing yoga.

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