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Dr. Goodson was helpful and compassionate throughout Jeff’s oral pathology treatment.

Jeff's Story

"I went and saw my dentist, and he took some X-rays, and he said the words that you never want to hear, ‘I see a growth.’ And at that moment, obviously, panic went through my brain. He said, ‘We have somebody for you.’ They called over to Dr. Goodson’s office. Dr. Goodson saw me right away. As it turns out, I have a cyst, it’s called an OKC. After we got the biopsy back, it was benign, so that was a very good thing. We just kept watching the cyst shrink and shrink, just like he thought that it was going to do. I do feel extremely relieved over this process. I’ve always enjoyed coming here because I always know that we’re going to joke and laugh. Everybody here seems genuinely interested in not just patient care, but me specifically. If you’re needing an oral surgeon for anything, big or small, I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Goodson."

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