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Meet Maddison

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Before jaw surgery, Maddison couldn't bite all the way through anything. Now, she can eat normally and would 110% recommend Dr. Bryan and his staff.

Maddison got jaw surgery at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

Maddison's Story

"Before I had my upper and lower jaw surgery, my bite — my teeth did not touch in the front. My whole bite was only my back teeth would touch, so if I bit through a sandwich, I would miss the meat in the middle. If I bit through pizza, I would only get the cheese. I couldn't bite all the way through anything. So, after my jaw surgeries and my braces coming off, that was a real big thing to be able to eat a sandwich and actually eat the whole sandwich. I love this office, and I love their staff. They're absolutely amazing, and they've treated me like family. Dr. Bryan is very funny. He always is trying to keep a smile on his patients' face, and I think that's because he knows some people come in nervous. I asked him one time, "How difficult is this for you?" and he said, "It's honestly like going and washing my hands. It's that simple to me." He said, "I do it all the time. It's a routine thing to me." That made me feel more comfortable because they practice so well in it, and they know what they're doing. I would 110% recommend Dr. Bryan and his staff."

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