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Stem Cell Banking

Bank Stem Cells From Wisdom Teeth With Stemodontics®

You may be a candidate for stem cell collection during your oral surgery treatment. Watch the video to learn more about stem cell banking after wisdom teeth removal.

With recent advancements in medicine and research, we are on the cusp of fully understanding the incredible potential of stem cells. Diseases that were initially thought to be untreatable may now be readdressed because of newly developed stem cell therapies.

Our teeth house an abundance of healthy stem cells, which makes extracted teeth an appealing option for collection. In most cases, third molars are the only teeth that are still healthy when they are removed, making wisdom teeth removal the perfect opportunity for harvesting. Our practice uses highly advanced i-CAT 3D digital scanning technology to determine the exact location and size of your wisdom teeth, which helps assure an accurate and effective extraction procedure.

Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma has partnered with Stemodontics®. This partnership allows us to help patients store the stem cells from their dental pulp, which would otherwise be tossed out as medical waste. We also offer a variety of anesthesia and sedation options to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease during your wisdom teeth extraction.

Stem cells are naturally found throughout the body and have amazing healing potential. Learn more about stem cells by watching the video.

What Are Stem Cells?

The vast majority of patients have heard of stem cells but don’t completely understand their nature or their viability. Stem cells naturally occur in the body, and they are responsible for the repair and restoration of tissues. Whereas specialized cells in your body can only regenerate and repair the same kind of cells. For example, muscle tissue cells can only duplicate into new muscle tissue cells. Stem cells can differentiate into different types of cells in the body. They hold incredible potential for medical discovery because they’re not limited to a single cell type.

As more advancements are made in medicine and research, doctors are discovering new and better methods for harvesting stem cells without pain and storing them in a controlled environment outside the body. These advances help the stem cells remain viable and allow them to be replicated for future use. Today, doctors and researchers are discovering how to harness the power of stem cells and apply them in a manner that helps our bodies heal from diseases and injuries.

Stem cell technology holds promising potential for medical treatments. Watch the video to learn more about banking stem cells found in wisdom teeth.

Why Bank Stem Cells?

Banking stem cells is a valuable opportunity for preserving your medical future, especially doing so while your stem cells are still healthy. When we are young, the stem cells in our bodies are healthy and in large quantities. However, every time stem cells duplicate, they lose a bit of value, meaning that as we get older, stem cells decline in both quantity and quality. If stem cells are banked early, such as during wisdom teeth removal, it maximizes their viability for future medical treatment.

At Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to preserve their medical future by banking stem cells. There are limited opportunities for safe and painless collection, which makes wisdom teeth extraction the most appealing option for harvesting.

Ask Your Oral Surgeon if Stem Cell Banking is Right For You

How Do I Get Started?

To enroll with Stemodontics, simply complete enrollment online before your surgical appointment. Once complete, the Stemodontics state-of-the-art laboratory will send a collection kit to our practice. This laboratory facility is focused on consistently delivering pharmaceutical production services with the highest level of control. Once the tooth has been removed and properly stored, Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma will ship it to the Stemodontics lab for immediate processing and storage. When you’re ready to use your stem cell sample, all you need to do is contact Stemodontics, and they will ship your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

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