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Wisdom Teeth FAQs

Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Many patients must have their wisdom teeth removed because there is not enough room for them to grow into the mouth. The size and position of your wisdom teeth can be found in a 3D CBCT scan. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, develop in the teenage years after the other teeth have already come in. This lack of space can cause them to grow at an improper angle or get stuck in the gums. Teeth that can’t erupt from the gums are called impacted teeth and can cause a host of oral health problems.

Some of the most common complications that arise from abnormal wisdom tooth development include dental crowding and the development of tumors, cysts, or dental infections. These problems can require additional procedures to treat and make it harder to perform a simple wisdom tooth extraction. Visiting your general dentist for routine cleanings can assist in monitoring wisdom tooth development.

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