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Oral Pathology

Diagnose and Treat Oral Pathology

If you notice any changes in the lining of your mouth or anywhere on your lips, cheeks, tongue, tonsils, or teeth, you should seek an evaluation from an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons are specially trained to identify the signs of oral pathologies, such as mouth cancer, and can devise a treatment plan that will be the most beneficial.

When you undergo treatment for an oral pathology, you might need a biopsy. We offer a variety of anesthesia and sedation options to ensure you are comfortable during this procedure, and we are happy to make any special accommodations to ensure you are at ease while in our care.

What is Oral Pathology?

The mouth is necessary for many different functions, such as eating, drinking, speaking, and breathing, and this versatility in use exposes your mouth to higher risks of infection and other problems. Additionally, the mouth can show symptoms that reflect conditions developing in the rest of the body.

Oral pathology refers to any disease or pathological process of the oral and facial region and is a common reason patients seek oral surgery services. When dental professionals find irregularities in the lining or shape of your mouth, they may send you to an oral surgeon for a biopsy or second opinion since oral surgeons are experts at identifying and treating diseases of the mouth, jaw, and face. Our team of experts have years of evaluating and treating infections, diseases, cancers, and other oral conditions.

Symptoms of Oral Pathology

Some oral pathologies are easily identifiable, and patients should be aware of the signs of a problem. Below are some examples of common oral diseases that oral and maxillofacial surgeons can diagnose, evaluate, and treat:

  • Burning mouth syndrome
  • Canker sores or cold sores
  • Geographic tongue
  • Tumors of the oral and facial soft tissues
  • Oral cancer
  • Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Salivary gland disorders

Oral diseases can act as warning signals to other parts of the body. Not all symptoms of oral pathology conditions are visible to the human eye, making it critical to seek treatment when abnormalities of the mouth arise. In addition to an oral examination, a biopsy is one way for oral surgeons to assess the problem and form a treatment plan that restores oral health. Your doctor can prescribe medicines to control infections or pain associated with oral diseases. In cases of oral cancer, our surgeons can use advanced treatments to remove cancer and reconstruct facial structures affected by the pathology.

Oral Biopsy

An oral biopsy is sometimes performed when a lesion or abnormality is detected inside the mouth to perform a diagnosis. The results of a biopsy will reveal whether the lesion is malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous).

The biopsy procedure itself is quick and performed by Dr. Bryan, Dr. Goodson, or Dr. Fuller at our office. We will numb the area with local anesthesia and remove a small portion of the affected tissue. This sample is then sent to our most trusted oral pathology lab for analysis. Based on the results, we will determine the next steps in the treatment for your oral pathology.

Prevention and Awareness

Most oral diseases are benign and easy to treat, but the key to successful treatment is catching these processes in their early stages. Many pathological processes do not have any painful or uncomfortable symptoms in their early stages, so it is important to look for any changes in the color, texture, or shape of the mucosa (the coral pink lining of the mouth).

Staying aware and performing monthly self-exams by looking all around the mouth (including under the tongue and around the teeth) is a great way to look out for changes and catch pathological processes early. Regular dental visits are another important step in preventing the spread of oral pathology. If our surgeons need a more in-depth look at your teeth or facial structure, we may utilize i-CAT 3D scanning technology to produce highly detailed images of your mouth, neck, and face.

Treatment for Oral Pathology in Oklahoma City, OK

Our doctors are experts in identifying and treating all sorts of oral conditions. Whether you need a biopsy or a reconstructive procedure, our team will work with you to form the most effective treatment plan possible. Contact Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma for more information about oral pathology treatment at our practice.

Oral Surgery Treated John's Cancer & Restored His Smile

John was in the middle of his dental implant treatment when he was diagnosed with oral cancer. He and his daughter are very thankful for the care, compassion, and outstanding results that Dr. Bryan provided. Watch John's story to see how Dr. Bryan helped John navigate his oral cancer treatment and restore his smile.

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