Wisdom Teeth Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Remove Wisdom Teeth Early to Prevent Complications and Improve Oral Health

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last molars to erupt into the back of the upper and lower jaws, and they must usually be removed before they reach full development. Our oral surgeons recommend having wisdom teeth removed to avoid the problems associated with their development.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop and grow in at the very back of the mouth. Many people do not have enough room for this final set of molars to grow into the dental arch; this can cause oral health problems, like dental crowding and shifting. Regular dental screening can assist in monitoring wisdom tooth development and growth. Early removal also tends to result in a much easier procedure and smaller surgical sites, which means a quicker and more comfortable recovery.

When you visit our office to have wisdom teeth removed, we will take 3D scans using state-of-the-art i-CAT digital imaging technology. This allows us to see the exact location and size of your wisdom teeth.

What to Expect During the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

During Your Procedure

The details of your procedure at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma will be discussed thoroughly during your consultation. Any questions that you have will be answered by our friendly and knowledgeable staff, and our goal is to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their procedure. When you arrive at our office on the day of your procedure, we will administer the anesthesia or sedation option and perform the necessary extractions. You will wake up when the procedure is over and rest comfortably until you are ready to be driven home by your prearranged designated driver.

After Your Procedure

In most cases, patients report they are back to their normal routines within a few days to a week. Discomfort after surgery is minimal; we will prescribe narcotic pain medicine, but over-the-counter medication will usually suffice. Patients may not need any pain medication at all; your recovery will depend on your individual condition and how well you follow your post-operative instructions. For any questions about healing, please call our office at any time.

3 Benefits of Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dentists are trained to monitor the development of wisdom teeth before they cause complications. If necessary, they will recommend you to an oral surgeon for further evaluation and possible extraction. Some of the most common complications associated with wisdom teeth include:

  1. Dental crowding. Dental crowding makes a patient uncomfortable during daily activities such as eating, breathing, and speaking correctly.
  2. Infection. Gum infections such as periodontal disease cause the teeth to loosen and may require an extraction procedure.
  3. Cysts, tumors, and additional growths. Cysts, tumors, and unnecessary growths may develop in the dental arch when your wisdom teeth are left intact.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Bryan, Dr. Goodson, and Dr. Fuller will complete a comprehensive oral examination and 3D scanning of your mouth and jaws.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal and Other Common Questions

During your consultation, our board-certified surgeons Dr. Robert Bryan, Dr. Jeremy Goodson, and Dr. Hayden Fuller will complete a thorough oral examination and 3D scanning of your mouth. They will create a personalized treatment plan which addresses your oral health needs, and our finance team will provide you with an estimate for your treatment. We accept a variety of payment options and will assist you in processing insurance claims for your treatment. Patients in need of assistance may qualify for third-party financing, such as CareCredit® and LendingClub®.

For more answers to comment questions related to having your wisdom teeth removed, please visit our Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQ page.

Wisdom Teeth Contain Powerful Stem Cells

Research has suggested that the most potent stem cells for use in medical treatments come from young people between the ages of 13 and 24. This means that collecting and storing stem cells from your child’s wisdom teeth today has the potential to protect their health tomorrow. Stem cells found naturally in wisdom teeth have the proven ability to regenerate and repair diseased tissue and organs.

Wisdom teeth can benefit your health when the stem cells inside them are stored in a laboratory after they are removed. By banking your stem cells with Stemodontics®, you are given peace of mind because these cells can differentiate into different types of cells in the body, which can help fight off illness or disease. Ask your oral surgeon about stem cell banking today or call Stemodontics with any questions at 1-888-980-5170 to learn about investing in your future health.

Hear From Wisdom Teeth Removal Patients

These patients can tell you about the firsthand experience undergoing wisdom teeth removal at our office.

Reviews From Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Patients

Marianne Reviews Her Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
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Marianne got her wisdom teeth removed at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma
Wisdom Teeth Removal

"With my teeth, they were just pointing in a weird direction, and the dentist noticed that there might be a little space around the tooth and thought that I just needed a surgical consult. It was beginning to hurt, but it wasn't excruciating or anything like that. I was pretty nervous. I'd never had surgery before. It all worked out okay. Dr. Goodson has really good bedside manner. I remember that he told me that if I were his sister, he would recommend the same thing he was recommending to me, and that actually made me feel much better. He actually cared about me as a patient. I love the staff. The staff were very friendly and very helpful, and every time I called to ask a question, they knew the answer, or they could find the answer for me quickly. If I knew someone who needed their wisdom teeth out, I would definitely recommend Dr. Goodson. It was just an overall great experience, especially for someone who's really nervous like I was."

Victor Reviews His Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
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Victor had his wisdom teeth removed at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma
Wisdom Teeth Removal

"My wisdom teeth were hurting, so I went to the doctor. They were hurting a little bit actually, so I decided to check them out, and the doctor said they needed to be taken out because they could have messed up my mouth. Dr. Bryan was really nice. He's really kind with people, and he's actually cool. You're not afraid to talk to him. He's not the kind of doctor you're scared of. He did explain to me why they had to be taken out and what would happen, so after he talked to me, I felt very comfortable. He even got someone in Spanish to translate to me. Well, the procedure was, to me, really quick because once I got in, I don't remember anything later — no pain or anything. All I remember was going home. The staff was really nice when I came in. All of them, since I got into the door, they say hi to me, and they asked how I was like they knew me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bryan because they did very good work on me."

Emoly Reviews Her Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
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Emoly got her wisdom teeth removed at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma
Wisdom Teeth Removal

"The very first time I came in for a consultation and I met Dr. Goodson, he was very laid back and confident, which I think is very important in a surgeon. And he also assured me and wanted to make sure that I knew that no matter what my case was or what might happen that he was going to take care of me. So, I had no worries when it came to whether or not Dr. Goodson was going to do a good job. When I showed up for my wisdom teeth removal procedure, I felt like was I was so prepared, and they had walked me through what was going to happen. As soon as Dr. Goodson came in, he greeted me, asked me how I was doing. It wasn't just like to business, "Hello, how are you? Here's your anesthesia." So, I appreciated the humanness of it. When I came to, they were very attentive, and recovery to me seemed really easy, actually. To all my friends and family in the Edmond, OK, and Oklahoma City area, you need to come see Dr. Goodson."

Jadyn Reviews Her Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
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Jadyn got her wisdom teeth removed at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma
Wisdom Teeth Removal

"I came to see Dr. Goodson to have my wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Goodson – he was just really welcoming and inviting. He just reassured me on what they were going to go through during the surgery and after. You don't really feel anything, and you recover pretty quickly. I thought it was going to be a lot more painful, but it wasn't. If any of my friends from Yukon, Deer Creek, or Shawnee need to have their wisdom teeth removed, I would definitely recommend them to Dr. Goodson."

Questions? We Are Here to Help

Our staff is here to answer your questions and guide you throughout your journey with our practice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment.