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Meet Zach

Video Review

Zach underwent a tooth extraction and dental implant procedures. His experience with our practice went so well that he left us a 5-star review!

Zach's Story

"I came to Oklahoma Oral Surgery because Dr. Goodson is a good friend of mine, and I had a broken tooth, and he was the first person I contacted. He advised me of a new procedure that allows an extraction and an implant to be placed in the same day, which cut the recovery time down in half. I left with minimal pain. I was actually able to return to work the same day. It was really quick and easy. Dr. Goodson, apart from being a really good friend, he’s a really great doctor. He makes everyone that walks in feel really comfortable. It’s always nice to have a friendly face there who can calm you down and make you feel like everything’s going to be okay. If you had to get a dental implant, I would say to call Dr. Goodson immediately. He’s, as far as I’m concerned, the best in the business."

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Our practice takes pride in serving the local community and surrounding region of Oklahoma City, OK. We take extra time to explain procedure details and anesthesia options to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. We will also answer any questions that you may have because we believe in keeping our patients informed about their treatment and oral health. You can also read about what you should bring to your first appointment and what to expect. Are you ready for a consultation? Dr. Bryan, Dr. Goodson, and Dr. Fuller look forward to meeting you!