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The doctors and staff are wonderful with Dr. Maddox’s patients. She would absolutely recommend Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson to his current patients, family members, and friends who need dental care.

Dr. Maddox's Story

"I refer my patients to Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson because they take every step to make sure that our patients are well taken care of here in their office. I refer all types of cases to Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson. They do a great job with the simplest of wisdom teeth removals, and they also do a wonderful job with the most complex of restorative cases. They're so wonderful at communication in between the offices and making sure that our patients have a really good continuity of care. I think it's great to have a continuity of care between offices because the patients already have a level of trust with my team and myself, and transferring that over to a specialist is sometimes difficult if there's not a really good communication system in place. Luckily for me, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson do a really good job with their team of making sure that our patients have that continuity of care and continuity of trust. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Goodson and Dr. Bryan to current patients, family, friends — really, people that need dental care. They're just an amazing office."

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Our practice takes pride in serving the local community and surrounding region of Oklahoma City, OK. We take extra time to explain procedure details and anesthesia options to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. We will also answer any questions that you may have because we believe in keeping our patients informed about their treatment and oral health. You can also read about what you should bring to your first appointment and what to expect. Are you ready for a consultation? Dr. Bryan, Dr. Goodson, and Dr. Fuller look forward to meeting you!