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Meet Dr. Sorgen

Video Review

Drs. Bryan and Goodson have great bedside manner, and Dr. Sorgen absolutely intends on continuing to refer patients to Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma.

Dr. Sorgen refers his patients to Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

Dr. Sorgen's Story

"The reason that I refer my patients here to Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson is just their level of skill, their expertise, their comfort of care, and the whole patient experience. Patients I send over are for wisdom teeth extraction, for implant placement, bone grafting. The way in which we communicate with Dr. Bryan and Goodson is great. They've got excellent communication between their staff, between each other. Anything that takes a team approach, we always consult with one another. Dr. Bryan's a great guy. He's very funny; he's very charismatic. He's a lot of fun, and he's very, very good with patient bedside. Dr. Goodson is a great guy, very good at what he does, very concerned, and cares a lot about his patients. I absolutely intend to continue my relationship with Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson and referring patients here for great care."

Ready to schedule your appointment?

Our practice takes pride in serving the local community and surrounding region of Oklahoma City, OK. We take extra time to explain procedure details and anesthesia options to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. We will also answer any questions that you may have because we believe in keeping our patients informed about their treatment and oral health. You can also read about what you should bring to your first appointment and what to expect. Are you ready for a consultation? Dr. Bryan, Dr. Goodson, and Dr. Fuller look forward to meeting you!